Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hide and seek markets

The very first hide and seek markets went really well,
They were well run, with Aloma showing great care that everyone was happy,
and what a bunch of lovely stallholders!
Everyone was welcoming,friendly and the quality of products was pretty outstanding
[there are certainly lots of clever crafty ladies at home doing their thing]
I had my usual hiccup on the way there,
packed and ready to go,
on time,navman on,
Mum at my side
 Malia[all of 6 years old] ditched me for her date? with 'boyfriend' Issac,
'you understand mum,I will help you next time,it's not every day you get to see Marmaduke at the movies',thanks Malia,I am sure its not the last time
Driving along,almost halfway there I hear a" miaow"behind me,
My silly cat was in the car!
Well I wasn't about to turn around,so there she stayed until we came home again
{unpacking and re-packing the van was not fun at 8 mths pregnant trying to co-ordinate the cat not escaping as I did not want to chase a cat around Kellyville!!!!}
Still it gave Mum and I the giggles,as all day  we had to keep checking that the cat was alive!
Do these things only happen to me????
Anyway,the markets were a heap of fun ,sold some lovely things to some lovely people,made some new friends and I was actually sad at the end that this would be my last market for a few months as I wait for baby 4 to finish cooking!
I am getting really excited,nothing to do but nest now,blog on,and remind myself that birth only lasts 24 hours at it's worst!!!!
littlemissdoily x

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