Thursday, July 1, 2010

handknitted goodness

Here is a little crafty goodness I have been indulging in on those cold frosty nights we have been experiencing lately..
I discovered a whole lot of scrappy wool at our local red cross shop and couldn't bear to leave it behind..but what to do with it?
Well my son Levi was in heaven as he now had a huge supply for his french knitting,which follows him like a giant rainbow serpent wherever he goes!
And that inspired me to make covers for all the annoying too small and slippery white hangers I have.
They were so simple and fast to do and I love the results,do you like?

Most of all they work holding all my little frocks on the hangers instead of on the floor.
So simple....
Just cast on 12 stitches and knit away adding a new colour by tying it on as you go,
knit for as wide as the hanger is,
cast off,and make sure you leave a long string ready to stitch up the cover when it is finished,
then just hook the hanger hook through your knitting halfway along,
and using the leftover string handsew the cover closed ...voila!
But be warned they are quite addictive..soon you will have a wardrobe full of crafty goodness!
And a husband accusing you of being a granny!!!!
littlemissdoily x

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