Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finally a break in the rain...

Don't get me wrong,I love the rain..
There is nothing quite like the pitterpatter of rain on my tin roof,
drowning out the constant hum of my sewing machine as I go on a mad sewing spree while Hudson is having his midday nap,
but this week I was desperate to take some piccy's ready to upload onto my shop
and there was no let up in the constant downpour so the photos will have to wait for another week.

I have been a busy bee,
preparing for my first Billycart markets,finalizing my submission to the Handmade Living book and trying to squeeze in playdays and sleepovers with the kids before my luscious pregnant belly completely engulfs me,
I have the nesting bug badly,
but sadly for the Edkins clan that does not entail cleaning,cooking and folding clothes,
Rather be making doily dresses,recycled cardis and sock dolls

Thank god for my lovely friend Renee,
she was so much help this week,
taking what piccy's she could in the given light,
and working furiously at turning my shop banner from sweet to superb,
I love,love,love what she has done,
almost finished,I will post the final choice next week,
In the meantime,here is a snap I took in a very brief break from the deluge,
of my new crochet and felt kids necklaces,
I would like to sell them at the markets if Malia doesn't pinch them for herself and all her buddies first!!!!
Hopefully that is a good sign..
until the rain subsides...
Little Miss Doily x

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Presenting the gorgeous charlie rose....

When friends have spunky little children like these,who needs models to show off your creations?
My son Hudson's little friend Charlie rose aged 2,
seen here debuting a little miss original recycled cardigan,
has just the right mix of attitude and savvy,
All ready to fight off the winter chills....
Thanks Charlie you can model for me anytime!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exciting things are happening

Exciting things are happening.....

I have just found out that my submission to an amazing new book about Australian crafters called Handmade Living has been accepted,and two of my projects are going to be featured.
I am unbelievably excited,there are so many talented crafty people out there and to be included with them in a real,touchable and keep forever book is just so thrilling!!!!!!

On other news,I am busy preparing for my first market stall at a new handmade market,Billycart Markets on the 26th of june at narrabeen,
My creative juices have been flowing and I hope to bring together a delicious display of things to buy and warm peoples hearts this winter

  • doily dresses[just love 'em]
  • recycled and embellished bubba jumpers
  • vintage fabric lavender & wheat bags
  • mumma & babe doily dolls
  • super soft flannelette cozy pants for kiddies
  • felt clips,holders,necklaces & more
  • knitty kittys
  • and vintage chenille snugglebabes
  • and whatever else I can actually complete before then....