Thursday, July 29, 2010

[kid]independent world t-shirt tour competition feature

How exciting is this?
I was lucky enough to be chosen for the awesome world t-shirt tour by kid independent!!!!!
please check out the competition,this is the final week to enter and there is some very cute t's up for grabs!!!!!
I am hoping I win one myself!!
Just click on the above image to be linked up to the competition,after you have read about all the great designers and good luck!!!!
littlemissdoily x
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World T-shirt Tour - The Final Countdown!

It’s the final countdown! Our very last week of mighty fine indie tees, and only THREE SLEEPS until we start drawing the winners of our thirty one prizes. This week we land back home in Oz and take one last trip around the country. Could I BE any more excited {to be read in Chandler Bing voice}. If you’re not in the draw yet, click here to enter.
Last chance to enter the competition!
Jettas Nest Handmade Kids Clothes
Jetta's Nest
Located in Brisbane, Australia. Jetta’s Nest is designed and handmade by Samantha Gilkes and her collection is all about colour and cool fabrics. Expect to see appliqued tees sporting monsters, robots and rogue pirates… click here to visit jettas nest.
Monstar Kids Children's Clothes
Monstar Kids
Located in Melbourne, Australia. 100% Australian designed and made, Monstar Kids is all about fresh and funky colours and quirky detailing. We dig it for it’s playful appeal and whimsical styling. Keep your eyes peeled for the spring summer 10 collection, coming soon… click here to visit monstar kids.
Little People Clothing Handmade Kids Clothes
Little People Clothing
Located in Sydney, Australia. Made by a crafty mama with a love of vintage and a penchant for sewing. You’ll find delicate dresses and dainty tops made from hand dyed fabrics, with appliqued details. Perfectly pretty… click here to visit little people clothing.
Baby Base Ink Kids Streetwear
Baby Base Ink
Located on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. Get your funk on with street wear by Baby Base Ink. These guys create original designs for tees, along with urban styled flat peak hats and fedoras for little b-boys (and girls)… click here to visit baby base ink.

Electric Boy Cool Kids T-shirts
Electric Boy
Located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Electric Boy tees are made by an Aussie Mama of two stylin’ little dudes. The designs are witty, imaginative and cool with nothing cute and fluffy in sight. We can’t wait to see the new designs for spring summer 10… click here to visit electric boy.

Mini Vintage Kids Clothing
Mini Vintage
Located in Melbourne, Australia. The crew at Mini Vintage do vintage style kids clothes with a modern edge. Think 70′s inspired designs of peace, love, surfing and combi vans; now that sounds like my kind of summer… click here to visit mini vintage.
Little Adventures Australian Made T-shirts
Little Adventures
Located in Sydney, Australia. Little Adventures are the new kids on the block with their debut range now available online. You’ll find a bunch of cute prints on 100% organic cotton tees, each one designed and made right here in Australia… click here to visit little adventures.
Win one of 31 cool kids t-shirts!
CompetitionWe have one cool tee from each of the above designers to giveaway {winners choice of size}…  You can also go in the draw to win our bonus prize pack {five tees} just by leaving a comment to tell us about your favourite designs. This competition is open to everyone, from all inches of the world!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sneaky peek at the "handmade living book"

Here is a sneaky peek of the new book that I was lucky enough to be featured in"HANDMADE LIVING"
isn't the cover gorgeous!!!
Can't tell you what I have inside just yet,but I can tell you that it will be available in december ready for christmas and you will be able to buy it from my made it shop,as well as national book stores,yipee!!!
littlemissdoily x

hide and seek markets

The very first hide and seek markets went really well,
They were well run, with Aloma showing great care that everyone was happy,
and what a bunch of lovely stallholders!
Everyone was welcoming,friendly and the quality of products was pretty outstanding
[there are certainly lots of clever crafty ladies at home doing their thing]
I had my usual hiccup on the way there,
packed and ready to go,
on time,navman on,
Mum at my side
 Malia[all of 6 years old] ditched me for her date? with 'boyfriend' Issac,
'you understand mum,I will help you next time,it's not every day you get to see Marmaduke at the movies',thanks Malia,I am sure its not the last time
Driving along,almost halfway there I hear a" miaow"behind me,
My silly cat was in the car!
Well I wasn't about to turn around,so there she stayed until we came home again
{unpacking and re-packing the van was not fun at 8 mths pregnant trying to co-ordinate the cat not escaping as I did not want to chase a cat around Kellyville!!!!}
Still it gave Mum and I the giggles,as all day  we had to keep checking that the cat was alive!
Do these things only happen to me????
Anyway,the markets were a heap of fun ,sold some lovely things to some lovely people,made some new friends and I was actually sad at the end that this would be my last market for a few months as I wait for baby 4 to finish cooking!
I am getting really excited,nothing to do but nest now,blog on,and remind myself that birth only lasts 24 hours at it's worst!!!!
littlemissdoily x

Monday, July 12, 2010

poppyseed markets

I had great fun this weekend at poppyseed markets,it was my first one in a while and the quality of all the stalls was very high,
A cold winters day in Sydney is not really the time most people go out shopping,but everyone was very positive and nice and it was great to make some good contacts and[ chew the fat so to speak]

I was lucky to have my sweet little daughter,Malia helping me and my lovely Mum,although as soon as I made a sale Malia would find something lovely to buy either for herself or the new baby,

Still that is half the fun of markets,
so lovely to get original special pieces that I would never find in the shops,

I am looking forward to the first "hide and seek' markets in Kellyville,the 25th of july and then I am putting up my market boots until november as I really want to enjoy my new baby,

You will be able to buy from me at my online store which has been keeping me very busy,and I am really looking forward to lots of lovely pre christmas markets in the summer sunshine

I am going to enjoy this next week of the school holidays with my little munchkins and then throw myself into full nesting mode and make some delicious new things for the bubby,can't wait!!!!!
little miss doily x

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The dreaded lurgy...

I was all ready for Billycart Markets,
new stock ready to go, waiting patiently for their day to shine,
swing tags on,prices marked,bursting with excitement,and organized[usually I am still trimming threads as I am selling dresses!]
And you know when you get that feeling that things are just too good,too together and your waiting for a curve ball to hit?Well it the form of a violent vomiting bug at 1am with my van packed and ready to go...
As I lay on the bathroom floor cursing how unfair it was,my sweet husband offered to do the markets for me,but who would mind our munchkins at such short notice?
And would lovely ladies really want to buy Doily dresses from a man?
No there was nothing to do but wallow in self pity and vomit for the next two days and then pick myself up and console myself with the fact I would be REALLY ready for the next markets,poppyseed markets on the 11th of july

And the good news is even though my whole family ended up getting the dreaded lurgy, and I have been trawling through vomit covered sheets and towels ever since,
trying to wash all that sickness away,
my baby is fine,oblivious to all the drama that we have been through this last week,growing happily awaiting its debut into the world in three months time..
And really that is all I can hope for isn't it?
there will be other markets,more craft and probably more vomit..... 
Lets just hope not on the 10th of july!!!!!
littlemissdoily x 

handknitted goodness

Here is a little crafty goodness I have been indulging in on those cold frosty nights we have been experiencing lately..
I discovered a whole lot of scrappy wool at our local red cross shop and couldn't bear to leave it behind..but what to do with it?
Well my son Levi was in heaven as he now had a huge supply for his french knitting,which follows him like a giant rainbow serpent wherever he goes!
And that inspired me to make covers for all the annoying too small and slippery white hangers I have.
They were so simple and fast to do and I love the results,do you like?

Most of all they work holding all my little frocks on the hangers instead of on the floor.
So simple....
Just cast on 12 stitches and knit away adding a new colour by tying it on as you go,
knit for as wide as the hanger is,
cast off,and make sure you leave a long string ready to stitch up the cover when it is finished,
then just hook the hanger hook through your knitting halfway along,
and using the leftover string handsew the cover closed ...voila!
But be warned they are quite addictive..soon you will have a wardrobe full of crafty goodness!
And a husband accusing you of being a granny!!!!
littlemissdoily x