Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Handmade Living: Little Miss Doily

There is a fantastic new book being launched on the 4th of December bursting with crafty goodness.
Handmade Living has been lovingly created by a dedicated team of Canberra women who believe strongly in promoting handmade, small business and local designers.According to one of the books creators, Tania McCarthy ,"Handmade Living is not about elaborate, complicated or exclusive design. It's essence is centered in whimsy, simplicity and style, and its greatest gift will be in the inspiration to create"
Find, Make, Do has hitched a ride on the Handmade Living blog tour and I am happy to introduce you to one of the many designers featured in the book: Caleena Edkins. Caleena got in touch with me earlier in the year after my post about Recycled Doily Craft, and I discovered the sweet and ethereal dresses she creates from vintage doilies.
And you can make one yourself ! Handmade Living is chock full of crafty tutorials and there are clear instuctions and "how to" pictures to help you make your own divine doily dress .
Being a doily re-purposer myself, I was drawn to her beautiful creations and am only thankful that we don't live in the same city and scour the same second hand shops!
I asked Caleena where she sources her doilies "Most of my doilies initially were from second hand shops and garage sales but as the word spreads alot of people actually give me their family heirlooms and I usually make their child a dress as a contra deal.I also have got some great ones on ebay,the secret is to try to buy in bulk as people ask alot for individual doilies. From there, if they are stained, I dye them beautiful colours!"
It's not hard to tell that Caleena is totally in love with vintage doilies "I love the fact that someone took hours embroidering or crocheting that special piece and that is was probably made with lots of love.I want to honor that by giving it a new life in the form of a beautiful dress.I am inspired by the sheer beauty of them and sometimes I wait for a few doily's that match to appear and then magic happens and they seem to merge together beautifully for a dress.
You can read about Caleena's creative life as a maker and busy Mum on her blog Little Miss Doily. And visit her "bursting at the seams" online stores :Little People Clothing Made It Shop and Little Miss Doily on Blue Caravan.

"Handmade Living" would be an excellent Chrissy gift for the crafty people in your world. It is available to buy here!

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I love those doily dresses, I might have to have a go at one. This book is totally on my christmas book wish list.

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thanks so much betty jo for your kind words about me,it really is a great book!

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