Friday, December 10, 2010

malia's tea party

Little miss malia had her 7th birthday party today,
It was an alice in wonderland tea party after school and all the kids were so excited to be dressed up!
there were alot of white queens [including me],rabbits and mad hatters,
mike was a fab mad hatter and really got into the party,
We ate special treats and boogied away to all their favourite songs,

 my amazing neighbor  Di made these cute cookies
 the birthday girl having a ball in her dormouse costume
 a table laden with treats
 mr white rabbit/teddybear Levi

 heart shaped fairy bread,vol-au-vonts,doilies and pastel meringes......
 lollybags all lined up in a row...

 alice in wonderland and playing card buntings
 nothing like a jam sponge for tea....
 fancy a jam tart?or an iced vovo perhaps?

 great fun playing the 'chocolate game'
 Jemima,the grooviest white rabbit I know...
 hudson,my mad march hare..

 birthday girl didn't stop smiling
 everyones costumes were fantastic

nothing like a grandma dressed as the red queen

 a daddy as the mad hatter splendid in safari suit
 A white queen mother..
 Fairy eggs in tiny glass bottles as prizes...

we played some silly games and laughed alot
I think Malia had a great time,
she has fallen into a heap still wearing her costume,
what a happy day
littlemissdoily x

Thursday, December 2, 2010

handmade living blog tour

Hello crafters,today I am amazed by the two lovely blogs written about 'handmade living'
the fantastic new craft book featuring fabbo aussie designers and crafty folk
Check out the links below
an uncommon slice of surburbia
I am frantically busy as You will find me tomorrow at the book launch and stunning market in canberra,
just look for me in the handmade living marquee from 11am tomorrow,
I will be the mumma with gorgeous baby attatched!!!!
Nevada's first market!!!!

[to the right are some doily and vintage trim bloomers,perfect for summer with a cute singlet]

littlemissdoily x

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

spunky singlets

 Couldn't resist sharing with you some of my new little man singlets for summer,
found some great prints,with just the right amount of cool without being babyish..
And who could resist my spunky son hudson!
He wants to wear a uniform of lil man singlet,cool boardies,no shoes and crazy curls every day!
Come and see them in my madeit shop!!!
littlemissdoily x

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

handmade living blog tour

Well here it is....
The greatly anticipated handmade living book...I am so excited!!!!!
Handmade living is for sale on the 6th dec,with its launch being sat 4th december at the handmade market in Canberra
handmade living blog tour check on this link for all the fun!
I am lucky enough to be featured in a story by Tania
about combining motherhood and the cottage craft industry,
Check it out on dec 3rd,
also on dec 3,
Betty jo from find,make,do,
has also chosen me to write a story on,
my inspiration and sourcing second hand goods!
How lucky am I????????
Can hardly wait....
Back to sewing...I have a market to prepare for[in between breast feeds]
littlemissdoily x

Saturday, October 30, 2010

crochet obsession

I have always loved crochet,
some of my favourite clothes are cobweb like dresses that have carried me through 4 pregnancies and shrunk back to normal afterwards[I wish it were that easy for us humans!]
So it has been my recent obsession to teach myself to crochet,
I insisted on sitting in front of a you tube demo for hours one wet miserable pregnant day
and finally after many days of cursing and throwing yarn across the room,finally I got it!!
I have proceeded to crochet everything in my sight,
I have spent a house repayment on yarn at the local haberdashery, and even crochet while i am feeding my newborn baby!
So therefore alot of my new dresses will feature crochet!
Collars in soft bamboo and cute jumpsuits with crochet granny square pockets,
Here is my little darling wearing a mermaid dress  with crochet yoke from my made it shop!
littlemissdoily x

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

nevada moon edkins 17-09-2010

big sister malia star

big brothers hudson and levi

hudson adores his new sister,'hello baby'

mummy is relieved that she is here safe and sound
 Well here she is,
our beautiful new baby Nevada Moon  Edkins,
Not alot of time to post,
Lets just say after a peaceful arrival,
Nevada caught her brother Hudson's nasty cold and she and I ended up back in hospital for another week,
Nevada with Bronchialitus,
me as her mother and food source
It was very stressful and not fun!
More soon,glad to be home!!!
littlemissdoily x

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Project Underpants... Teeny Bikinis

Today’s Project Underpants post comes to you today with a miles of smiles and millions of hugs! Well, actually… 857 hugs to be precise, cause that’s how many undie pledges we’re up to so far!! WOOHOOOOO! Gosh, what a heartwarming number, thank you all so much for your immense generosity. With another seven days to go… who knows, maybe we’ll break the 1000 mark!
Project Underpants Tally
Reminder… Each pair of underpants you donate to the Project Underpants campaign gets you one entry into the draw. New prizes will be released each week throughout September {winners drawn on 1 October, 2010}, plus the person or group who donates the most pairs will win a $150 shopping spree from our friends at Whimsy Child. For full campaign details, please click here.
Handmade Doll in Bikini by Little People Clothing
Our first prize today was handmade by our friend Caleena from Little People Clothing. She’s made entirely out of a pair of white cotton socks with woollen hair, hand embroidered face and hand crocheted knickers and slippers… She’s soft and stuffed and ready to be loved!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A last shot of my belly

I presume this will be the last photo of my ever expanding belly,with only a week to go I am very ready to meet my new little one,Caught between excitement and exhaustion,I feel like I am in a holding pattern awaiting the big day,
Very glad this one decided to wait until after big brother Levi's birthday and Daddy's birthday,
September is going to be a busy month in our house!!!
littlemissdoily x

Friday, September 10, 2010


I have just joined a great site called bluecaravan,
it is an exclusive site showcasing designers that make sustainable,handmade special pieces and I am honoured to be a part of their collection,
My store is called "littlemissdoily' if you want to check it out,
I am only putting my doily related items on there to begin with

Monday, September 6, 2010

surfie ninja

Maybe I am feeling sookie but I can't help but cherish these last few days with my little man,before the baby arrives
just him and I hanging out while the big munchkins are at school
He wants me to sing him lullabies of " baby boy" and then halfway through he says" stop it mummy,huddy a big boy "
I want to kiss,hug,laugh and cry all at the same time.....
He does like to ham it up for the camera.....alot like his big sister.......
little miss doily x

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

project underpants

Come on everyone,lets get involved for a great cause with a cute name
                              "PROJECT UNDERPANTS"
[kid]independent is making september an undie collection month for all those sweet little ones going to a foster home for the first time,making sure they have nice new undies
[isn't that the least we can do]when faced with such a big change in their lives,
so click on the link and pledge some brand new undies and as a bonus you could win over $500 worth of prizes donated by some very cool indie handmade designers,including my little sock doll wearing her very own hand crocheted undies and matching ballet slippers!
Go on,just buy some extras next time your shopping with your munchkins!!!!!
littlemissdoily x

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Oh.. I love my boys..sometimes I feel they are forgotten in this crafty world,
Everything it seems is so pretty from fabrics to trims,could things get any prettier?
And while I love making my boys things and indeed my eldest Levi is the craftiest kid I know...
it seems that they are all too often forgotten when it comes to craft projects,fabrics and ideas of creativity

For years people have admired how I dress my little men,different but still masculine and yet when it comes to sales I would sell 5 girly things to 1 boys item,both at markets and online,
Why is it so?
I have been trying recently to incorporate more boys things into my range and as my family are keen sailors,I have started with a nautical viewpoint .....

I am constantly searching for cool fabrics and projects that we can make together
some of the things my boys have loved the most are;

Scientific based craft;
making goo,playdoh,balsa wood sculptures and plaster of paris relief artwork
Sewing of any kind;
making cool pencil cases,clothes for teddies,sock animals and monsters from fabric scraps
art and collages;
cutting up pictures and fabrics to apply to art[they really loved a pirate feast,using food cutouts with illustrations] clay sculptures,and villages from recycled rubbish for figurines
As Levi gets older he particulary loves to write and draw comics
[its easy to do a template page for them with boxes and shapes ready for them to fill in]
There are a lot of cool tutorials if you look for them online,
hopefully I have given you a few ideas of what to do with your little man when it comes to crafty coolness
It doesn't have to be about Paper dolls and glittery tiaras!

Knitting,crocheting and french knitting
There is nothing like watching your son french knitting while watching the soccer world cup,and when its done you have a great garland to drape around bunk beds,the christmas tree or coil around in a circle,stitch together and make a giant rainbow cushion for their bed,the possibilities are endless....

So get your boys crafting,think outside the box and help them discover their amazing creativity
craft rocks
littlemissdoily x