Thursday, August 26, 2010


Oh.. I love my boys..sometimes I feel they are forgotten in this crafty world,
Everything it seems is so pretty from fabrics to trims,could things get any prettier?
And while I love making my boys things and indeed my eldest Levi is the craftiest kid I know...
it seems that they are all too often forgotten when it comes to craft projects,fabrics and ideas of creativity

For years people have admired how I dress my little men,different but still masculine and yet when it comes to sales I would sell 5 girly things to 1 boys item,both at markets and online,
Why is it so?
I have been trying recently to incorporate more boys things into my range and as my family are keen sailors,I have started with a nautical viewpoint .....

I am constantly searching for cool fabrics and projects that we can make together
some of the things my boys have loved the most are;

Scientific based craft;
making goo,playdoh,balsa wood sculptures and plaster of paris relief artwork
Sewing of any kind;
making cool pencil cases,clothes for teddies,sock animals and monsters from fabric scraps
art and collages;
cutting up pictures and fabrics to apply to art[they really loved a pirate feast,using food cutouts with illustrations] clay sculptures,and villages from recycled rubbish for figurines
As Levi gets older he particulary loves to write and draw comics
[its easy to do a template page for them with boxes and shapes ready for them to fill in]
There are a lot of cool tutorials if you look for them online,
hopefully I have given you a few ideas of what to do with your little man when it comes to crafty coolness
It doesn't have to be about Paper dolls and glittery tiaras!

Knitting,crocheting and french knitting
There is nothing like watching your son french knitting while watching the soccer world cup,and when its done you have a great garland to drape around bunk beds,the christmas tree or coil around in a circle,stitch together and make a giant rainbow cushion for their bed,the possibilities are endless....

So get your boys crafting,think outside the box and help them discover their amazing creativity
craft rocks
littlemissdoily x

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