Monday, August 9, 2010

scrappy bird mobiles

I have been making these new birdie mobiles with all my favourite scraps of fabric,they are a quick project and look really effective if you hang a few together

My daughter Malia really wanted some birds in her room,she loves the colours,pink,aqua and lilac,so I am trying to make her three co-ordinating ones to hang off her jacaranda beaded lampshade,and I liked this one so much I think I will add them to my range
{much cleaner than real birds]
My nesting phase is taking over.... all the kids stuff as well
It's easy to get caught up in everyday life and forget about the magic,
So I am using this time to re- energize the kids rooms with all the things that I have been wanting to do for ages,
Hand crocheting a blanket for each of them,new quilts for the boys,hanging pictures and re-organizing wardrobes,it's not really for the baby as it will be in our room for a while,although I have been washing and sorting baby clothes like crazy
My next project is to get the photo albums sorted before I add another babe to the mix...
Happy days..just wish I were more agile and less tired,very frustrating,
My munchkins are very excited and being very helpful,often making  little presents for the new baby[so sweet] and Levi is acting as my walking stick when my sciatic nerve gives me grief,although he does find it very funny that mummy can't walk well sometimes!!!!!!oh well,five weeks to go!!!!

And lastly,very sadly we have to say goodbye to our very dear friend,
our beloved boat "LIBRA",my namesake,
sadly broke away from her mooring in a huge storm last week and ended up on the beach,while she looks fine here,she was actually ruined and will sail no more due to too much damage..
R.I.P beautiful lady and thankyou for all the wonderful memories...

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