Sunday, March 27, 2011

holidays and fairy gardens

A much needed holiday to Byron Bay was just what we needed,
We spent the week swimming and building fairy gardens along the beach and in the rockpools,
I haven't enjoyed such a relaxed week for ages,
Sadly the news of japan came through while we were away bringing us crashing back to reality,
live every day as if it is your last....
The japanese are survivors,we will be right there beside them...
Holiday over,I can't wait to start making some winter goodies.....
littlemissdoily x

Sunday, March 6, 2011

mushrooms on the mind

I cannot get mushrooms out of my head,
Fairy ones that is!
I found a fantastic supplier of handpainted mushroom stakes 
available at the markets around byron bay,
I ordered a mix of colours and styles but nothing beats the red and white spot,
problem is every child that comes to our house ends up leaving with a mushroom
[ and starting a fairy garden]
I'm thinking of doing a whole range around the humble mushroom this winter,
maybe I will finally bite the bullet and try out my untouched gocco printer that I was lucky enough to find on ebay.
Perhaps a toadstool house printed as a patch pocket on some gypsy pants and pinafores!
Look at this cute vintage pinafore,with the owl placed just so...
littlemissdoily x

oh a riding we will go....

 The lovely calamity bolt @,
sent me this lovely image of my waterlilly dress with one of her divine handmade hobby horses,
in a heavenly field of long grass and dappled light
too gorgeous,thankyou x

These pillows make me want to squeal with delight,I am in a pillow frenzy right now,  especially patchwork!!!1
Yum,yum,yum,chocolate milk and waxed straws,fuel for creating...
How scrumdidillyumptitious is this bed?soft dreamy colours,vintage goodies and soft throws,yumm!littlemissdoilyx