Sunday, March 6, 2011

mushrooms on the mind

I cannot get mushrooms out of my head,
Fairy ones that is!
I found a fantastic supplier of handpainted mushroom stakes 
available at the markets around byron bay,
I ordered a mix of colours and styles but nothing beats the red and white spot,
problem is every child that comes to our house ends up leaving with a mushroom
[ and starting a fairy garden]
I'm thinking of doing a whole range around the humble mushroom this winter,
maybe I will finally bite the bullet and try out my untouched gocco printer that I was lucky enough to find on ebay.
Perhaps a toadstool house printed as a patch pocket on some gypsy pants and pinafores!
Look at this cute vintage pinafore,with the owl placed just so...
littlemissdoily x


  1. Oh my so cute!!! Is that dress for sale?

  2. Hi Suzanne thanks for looking at my blog,that owl dress is very cute,sadly its a vintage one but i am working on something similar at the moment with granny squares instead of the owl,watch this space!!!