Friday, December 10, 2010

malia's tea party

Little miss malia had her 7th birthday party today,
It was an alice in wonderland tea party after school and all the kids were so excited to be dressed up!
there were alot of white queens [including me],rabbits and mad hatters,
mike was a fab mad hatter and really got into the party,
We ate special treats and boogied away to all their favourite songs,

 my amazing neighbor  Di made these cute cookies
 the birthday girl having a ball in her dormouse costume
 a table laden with treats
 mr white rabbit/teddybear Levi

 heart shaped fairy bread,vol-au-vonts,doilies and pastel meringes......
 lollybags all lined up in a row...

 alice in wonderland and playing card buntings
 nothing like a jam sponge for tea....
 fancy a jam tart?or an iced vovo perhaps?

 great fun playing the 'chocolate game'
 Jemima,the grooviest white rabbit I know...
 hudson,my mad march hare..

 birthday girl didn't stop smiling
 everyones costumes were fantastic

nothing like a grandma dressed as the red queen

 a daddy as the mad hatter splendid in safari suit
 A white queen mother..
 Fairy eggs in tiny glass bottles as prizes...

we played some silly games and laughed alot
I think Malia had a great time,
she has fallen into a heap still wearing her costume,
what a happy day
littlemissdoily x

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous!
    Next time you through a party like that, can I come and take photos? It's too lovely!
    Better still, next time you through a party like that, can it be on Belle and India's birthday - at my house :)
    Hope you are all well and happy.
    xx Jac