Saturday, October 30, 2010

crochet obsession

I have always loved crochet,
some of my favourite clothes are cobweb like dresses that have carried me through 4 pregnancies and shrunk back to normal afterwards[I wish it were that easy for us humans!]
So it has been my recent obsession to teach myself to crochet,
I insisted on sitting in front of a you tube demo for hours one wet miserable pregnant day
and finally after many days of cursing and throwing yarn across the room,finally I got it!!
I have proceeded to crochet everything in my sight,
I have spent a house repayment on yarn at the local haberdashery, and even crochet while i am feeding my newborn baby!
So therefore alot of my new dresses will feature crochet!
Collars in soft bamboo and cute jumpsuits with crochet granny square pockets,
Here is my little darling wearing a mermaid dress  with crochet yoke from my made it shop!
littlemissdoily x

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  1. she IS just darling! :) and i like the pocket, if that's what it is? :)