Thursday, July 1, 2010

The dreaded lurgy...

I was all ready for Billycart Markets,
new stock ready to go, waiting patiently for their day to shine,
swing tags on,prices marked,bursting with excitement,and organized[usually I am still trimming threads as I am selling dresses!]
And you know when you get that feeling that things are just too good,too together and your waiting for a curve ball to hit?Well it the form of a violent vomiting bug at 1am with my van packed and ready to go...
As I lay on the bathroom floor cursing how unfair it was,my sweet husband offered to do the markets for me,but who would mind our munchkins at such short notice?
And would lovely ladies really want to buy Doily dresses from a man?
No there was nothing to do but wallow in self pity and vomit for the next two days and then pick myself up and console myself with the fact I would be REALLY ready for the next markets,poppyseed markets on the 11th of july

And the good news is even though my whole family ended up getting the dreaded lurgy, and I have been trawling through vomit covered sheets and towels ever since,
trying to wash all that sickness away,
my baby is fine,oblivious to all the drama that we have been through this last week,growing happily awaiting its debut into the world in three months time..
And really that is all I can hope for isn't it?
there will be other markets,more craft and probably more vomit..... 
Lets just hope not on the 10th of july!!!!!
littlemissdoily x 

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