Thursday, June 17, 2010


Phew..I have been unable to post for a few days as I was determined to finish my'handmade living submission' and get it off in the post ahead of schedule,
I have a new appreciation of just how much work it takes to publish a book and I only have a small role in it!
I am really pleased with the results and am dying to show you what I have done however we have been sworn to secrecy,
So I will just have to wait until early December when the book is released.
Good news is I will also be able to sell it through my shop..yipee!!!

I am now on a mission to make as much stock as I can for the upcoming Billycart markets,on june 26th at Lakes parish hall,Narrabeen
As you can see from this piccy of my studio,I have a lot of projects on the go...
One inspiration leads to another,
and now I need to knuckle down and complete what I can..

I am finding myself getting increasingly tired despite my best intentions,
Baby Edkins no4 would like their mumma to rest a little more,
I have hit the 7 month mark and when I put Huddy down for his mid-day nap,
I am also drifting off for some beloved zzzz's
Still I am not going to fight it,
a well rested mumma is a happy mumma,and that is what I want to be!

So come and visit me at the markets if you can,
I would love to see you there,
Melanie is doing a fantastic job promoting the markets,
everything looks very posh and professional and I am very impressed by the quality of the other stallholders there,
a wee bit intimidating actually!

So pleased there is a  handmade market on the northern beaches ,Yipee!!!!
Just look for the woman with a large round belly in a doily dress and my new aqua clogs!!!!
Little miss doily x

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