Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dyeing for doilies

Do you know what one of my favourite jobs is?
I love to hang freshly dyed doilies on the clothesline,in the sunshine
Which is kind of ironic,because I hate hanging the family's washing on the line,
but it is so satisfying to rescue some blah,blah beigy stained doily from a musty old op shop,plunge them into a hot bath of exquisite colour[today's choice BahamaBlue]
and then watch them transform into a thing of great beauty in front
of my eyes....
And then I know that when they are dry,I can turn them into a beautiful cobweb lace party dress to be admired by all,
makes me feel good,
like I have saved an orphan..well maybe that is a bit extreme..

On another note,I have almost finished my submission for the wonderful new book
"HANDMADE LIVING",due out early december,can't tell you much more than that only that I am bursting with excitement and pride,
it is a long held dream of mine to be in a book and this one is going to be really special!
A tome of crafty goodness from artists all over Australia!
Sweet doily dreams xx

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